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A high degree of automation to produce glass cutting machine fast one step

by:Enkong     2021-01-06
In life, we often use all kinds of glass products, such as glass, glass, glass door. Glass products are beautiful and practical, with its glittering and translucent get rid of the appearance of the attractive, and make full use of the physical properties of the solid and durable. Some can even make glass art design is more, strengthen the decorative effect. Introduces the characteristics and prices of glass production machinery, especially the hollow glass and glass cutting machine production line. Glass cutting machine assembly line is a kind of glass deep processing equipment. Is mainly used in the production of insulating glass. The original glass slices cut into the hollow glass production line. Mainly by cleaning, drying, production interval box, fill desiccant, a sealing piece ( Coating butyl rubber) , examination, the box piece together, tabletting, secondary seal ( Polysulfide rubber or silicone rubber) , images, and processing quality of the products is higher, the processing speed is very fast. Refers to glass processing and glass cutting machine for cutting the special processing machinery. Glass cutting machine including air flotation feed platform and build overpass blanking platform. As improvement, provide double bridge overpass cutting table glass conveying mechanism consists of a rotating shaft, a few wheels, motors and belt between the flat beam and two straight beam head frame length direction for a third straight beam and low for a fourth straight beam frame length direction. At the end of the length direction of the workbench, with an air float into the workbench, a proximity switch connected to the power control circuit of the motor, control the opening and closing of the machine. The upper slightly below the table of the proximity switch. Twinbridge overpass knife sets for the further improvement, on the beams and two straight beam are set up two vertical roller components, four roller components rectangular layout. In addition, it also is manual so units, as well as build interchange so, manually so tail arrangement. Glass cutting line on the cutting machine, computer cutting machine, broken machines, incised platform. The whole production line is controlled by a computer, a high degree of automation, maintenance is convenient.
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