3 d glass and light machine maintenance

by:Enkong     2021-01-13
Technical regulations, the title says: HYW - 1200 a sweep light machine specification model number: HYW - 1200 al * W * H: 2425 mm ( L) ×1800mm( W) ×2100mm( H) Bench height: 950 mm use: mainly used in mobile phone surface ( 2. 5 d, 3 d) Flat glass, tablet surface of flat glass, automotive glass, toughened glass protective film and other glass products. An overview, equipment glass by vacuum adsorption on the lower left turntable, beam as a whole after the translation to the fixed position to the left, the whole wheel on down to a fixed position, the wheel and the wheel in the opposite direction spin at the same time, at this point, the turntable can take at the same time, put the glass at the lower right, lower left wheel after reaching set time, on the turntable, bottom left turntable stop at the same time, the rotary table on the overall rise to a fixed position, beam as a whole to the right after the translation to the fixed position, dial the overall decline to a fixed position, on the lower right wheel and wheel rotate in the opposite direction at the same time. So the cycle of circulation. Second, the specification table 1 below) The wheel diameter is 1120 mm (2) The wheel material aluminum plate ( Vacuum airway) 3) The rotary table number 2, 4) Rotary speed under double frequency control of motor speed, Point move without jitter) Table 1) The wheel diameter is 490 mm (2) Dial number 4 (3) On wheel material PVC ( Reduce the rotating load) 4) Rotary speed on the sweep frequency control of motor speed production efficiency R surface speed ( Cover plate) 300 - About 400 pieces per hour ( 4. 7 - 5. 5 ') Workpiece positioning 1) A vacuum adsorption control system PLC, man-machine interface and frequency converter control configuration of 1) Power supply three phase AC 380 v + 20 V2) The total installed power 18 kw3) Work actual power 10 kw 4) 1) frequency 50 hz / 60 hz vacuum system Automatic vacuum drainage system, The user factory provide) 1) Air barotropic acuity 0. 6 mpa, outer diameter Φ 8 tracheal suction - or higher 0. 8 mpa, four points 3), the network administrator Ambient temperature of 25 ℃ + 5 ℃ for 3 1, after-sales service. Warranty time: machine acceptance after completion of one year warranty under normal use. Consumables and accessories does not fall within the scope of one year warranty, pumps, valves work conditions,.
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