What kind of cutter is shaped glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2020-12-24
With the development trend of glass industry, many glass cutting machine is also widely used, glass cutting type according to processing power requirements form is divided into: mobile phone cutting machine, semi-automatic cutting machine, automatic cutting machine, or according to the shape and type of glass is divided into: square glass cutting machine, the shape of the glass cutting machine, round piece of glass cutting machine, etc. So what kind of is shaped glass cutting machine? The following is the introduction of glass machinery technical personnel: shaped glass cutting machine is a kind of numerical control lathe, also known as: glass engraving machine, punching machine, glass grinding machine, glass shaped glass cutting machine, slotting machine, precision glass molding machine. Glass engraving machine is mainly used for the fine processing and cutting of thin glass, its technology is already very mature. Due to the future development trend of the consumer electronics market and demand, more and more digital electronic display using glass as a display or touch screen. Shaped glass cutting machine features: the machine is small, high machining accuracy, machine stability, fine product, processing speed, high production efficiency. Due to the characteristics of glass processing, compared with ordinary fine engraving machine, glass engraving machine must carry out a number of technical improvement, to meet the requirements of production.
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