What is the scope of application of the glass inner round edging machine?

by:Enkong     2019-12-12
A variety of mechanical products can be used more by people. Nowadays, more and more different mechanical products are more widely used now. There are many different types of mechanical products, A variety of different mechanical products can be used. A variety of different mechanical products are more used by people to the Venus show. Now with more kinds of mechanical products is better play to their own role, the following is about the glass Internal grinding machine. The glass edging machine is suitable for grinding straight round edges and duckbill edges of flat glass with different sizes and thicknesses. The grinding wheel is used to grind the periphery, and the rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing are completed once. The front guide rail is moved to adjust the thickness of the glass, and the stepless speed reducer is adopted to adjust the speed at will, so that the speed change is stable and the accuracy is extremely high. Generally, there are 6 grinding heads/8 grinding heads round edge edging machines. The above is the information about the glass inner grinding machine.
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