What is the function of glass edging machine?

by:Enkong     2019-12-09
The precision, rigidity and thermal deformation of the main transmission shaft components of the glass Edger have a direct impact on the glass processing quality. These effects are even more serious because the wrong glass edging machine stops manual adjustment during glass processing. In the future, there will be three types of main transmission shafts for glass edging machines. The front-end support seat of the main transmission shaft is a combination of double-row short cylindrical roller bearings and 60-degree angle War double-row centripetal thrust ball bearings, and the rear-end support seat is a pair of centripetal thrust ball bearings. This kind of equipment method greatly improves the comprehensive rigidity of the main transmission shaft, which may meet the needs of glass processing. Therefore, it is widely used in various glass edging machines. The centripetal thrust ball bearing has superior efficiency at high speed, and the maximum speed of the main transmission shaft can reach 4000 rpm. However, its bearing capacity is small, so it is suitable for high-speed, light-load and rigorous glass edging machines. This kind of bearing has high radial and axial rigidity, can bear heavy load, especially strong dynamic load, and has good equipment and adjustment effect. However, this kind of bearing restricts the maximum rotation speed and precision of the main transmission shaft, so medium precision, low speed and heavy load glass edging machines are applied. On the tissue of the main drive shaft, it is necessary to deal with the clamping of glass, the unloading of the main transmission shaft, the positioning and leisure adjustment of the main transmission shaft bearings, the smoothness and sealing of the main transmission shaft components, and the rest of the process. In order to minimize the influence of the temperature rise and thermal deformation of the main transmission shaft components on the precision of glass machine processing, the circulation system of smooth grease is usually used to take away the calorific value of the main transmission shaft components, the main drive shaft components and the box body adhere to a stable overheat cover. Special refrigeration equipment is selected on some glass machines, and it is more ambitious to complete the operation for overheating cover. In recent years, the main drive shaft bearings of some glass edging machines have selected high-grade grease. In order to prevent the greasy grease and grease from mixing, the labyrinth sealing method is usually used. For the main transmission shaft of the glass Edger, its rigidity needs to be further improved, and a proper connection end should be planned to improve its rigidity.
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