What are the specific characteristics of the synchronous belt of the glass edging machine?

by:Enkong     2019-12-07

In a mechanical equipment, if the effect is very good, then some of its auxiliary accessories are also very important, because of its specific characteristics, used together, only in this way can this mechanical equipment become so good.  The glass edging machine is such a mechanical equipment.  What are the specific characteristics of the synchronous belt of the glass edging machine? 

1) Accurate transmission, no sliding during operation, and constant transmission ratio. 

2) The transmission is stable, with Buffering and vibration damping capabilities and low noise. 

3)High transmission efficiency, up to 0. 98, the energy saving effect is obvious, the maintenance is convenient, no lubrication is needed, and the maintenance cost is low.

 4) The speed ratio range is large, generally up to 10 the linear speed can reach 50 m/s, and the power transmission range can reach several watts to several hundred kilowatts.

 5) Compared with V-belt transmission, the pre-tightening force is smaller and the load on the shaft and bearing is smaller.

 6) Can be used for long-distance transmission, the center distance can reach more than 10 m. Want to know more about the glass edging machine consultation, welcome to consult, we have more quality products for you.

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