What are the operating steps of the special-shaped glass edging machine?

by:Enkong     2021-04-13
The function of the special-shaped glass edging machine is still better. How can I say it, because now the industry is constantly developing, in many aspects, there are actually many special-shaped glass edging machines used, and the special-shaped glass edging machine can It is better to process some poorly positioned or special-shaped glass, and the number of work of special-shaped glass edging machine is still very large every day, in fact, it is still because many people don’t know how to use special-shaped glass edging machine. . The first is to process some glass. For example, if you want to make different shapes at home, and the shapes will be different in these aspects, then the prerequisite is that you need a staff who is more skilled in the operation, and then the glass is processed. In the process of processing, the operation must be very careful. Every step cannot be dropped, and the precision of each step is very high. In the process of so many processing, in fact, now the special-shaped glass grinding The loss of the side machine is very small, and the operation is more convenient. It should be done now. The first step is that the current glass machine needs to be changed when the water is changed. Please u003d must first unplug the power plug, and then Take out the water tank, pour out the waste water, and clean the dust in the water tank and the filter screen before proceeding to the second step to clean the spray nozzle, because it is also to prevent the spray nozzle from clogging, reducing the amount of water or no water, in this case, the processing capacity is reduced or even can not work. Therefore, when you need to clean the spray nozzle, please unplug the nozzle and use a fine needle to clear the blockage inside the nozzle is the best way.
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