What are the glass edge grinding machine is process

by:Enkong     2021-03-14
A: what are the glass edge grinding machine is processes? Glass edge grinding machine is process more varieties, types are scraping lapping, grinding, etc. , choose correct process first should consider the following factors. 1. The applicability of the material for parts, to mend layer thickness. 2. For parts affect the physical properties of the glass edge grinding machine, the influence of the strength of parts. 3. Influence on the precision of parts, some of the correction process also by parts of the structure of the limit. Glass edge grinding machine is needed for the process equipment general cost is not big, therefore power and equipment should be equipped with necessary skills, develop their own correction skills, in addition to using social and professional equipment repair business expertise. And glass edge grinding machine work principle: first, after grinding head motor and grinding wheel to end grinding polishing glass, double edging machine can usually unilateral/end coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing once finished. The customer can according to their own processing requirements to select different grinding wheel. Glass edge grinding machine device needs to ensure that the flat on the ground, to ensure the machine after the device every Angle level, otherwise it will affect the effect of processing. To ensure correct contact, if the power to make mistakes, may cause the edge grinding machine motor might be electric cabinet box electric burn. Glass edge grinding machine is under the condition of the water electricity, customers according to their processing capacity to fall to the ground water tank water supply factory equipment is enough.
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