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What are the advantages of special-shaped glass edge grinding machine?

by:Enkong     2019-12-27
Glass edging machine may be no stranger to everyone. It is one of the earliest and most widely used mechanical equipment in glass deep processing equipment. Its main function is to smooth glass. Special-shaped glass edging machine is one of the glass edging machines, which is mainly used for edging and polishing glass, especially for making some special shapes. Let's take a look at the advantages of the special-shaped glass edging machine? 1. Labor saving: the traditional operation mode requires at least 3 people to complete the workload. The full-automatic special-shaped glass edging machine only needs 1 person to operate, and the edging, chamfering and polishing are solved at one time, and there is no requirement for workers' technology; 2. Improve efficiency: full-automatic glass processing equipment is more than 2 times the efficiency of semi-automatic equipment and more than 5 times the efficiency of manual glass processing. 3. Site saving: the full-automatic glass processing equipment combines rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, chamfering and other processes into one machine, greatly saving the use site. 4, improve quality: can control product processing accuracy in 5 Silk (Including) Within, the traditional manual or semi-automatic processing equipment is far from the control of product processing precision. 5. Avoid work-related injuries and reduce labor intensity: fully automatic glass processing equipment can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and effectively avoid work-related accidents through man-machine dialogue on the display screen and automatic operation. 6. Energy saving and environmental protection: servo motor is used as the drive, which saves electricity compared with conventional motor, has extremely low noise and is environmentally friendly. 7. Reduce the probability of maintenance adjustment: Semi-automatic processing equipment needs to adjust the grinding wheel or maintenance frequently in the production process. The automatic glass processing equipment has automatic compensation and repair function for the grinding wheel, and the probability of maintenance and adjustment is extremely low. 8. Enhance customer competitiveness: the use of all-automatic glass processing equipment can greatly improve production capacity, improve product quality, increase customer satisfaction and greatly strengthen customer's ability to receive orders.
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