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Use glass cleaning machine matters needing attention

by:Enkong     2021-06-02
Glass cleaning machine is the physical principle of transducer after high frequency electric energy into mechanical energy, produces the high frequency vibration amplitude of tiny and spread to the cleaning slot in the solution, under the action of transducer, the interior of the cleaning fluid will continue to produce a large number of tiny air bubbles and instantaneous burst, the high temperature of each bubble burst will produce several baidu and nearly thousand atmospheric pressure of shock waves, thus the workpiece washed clean. Glass cleaning machine to the advent of in the mirror, vacuum coating, tempered, hot bending, hollow glass pieces and deep processing procedure to clean and dry the surface of the glass before special equipment provides a convenient. Then use glass cleaning machine should be paid attention to: 1, glass cleaning machine, is due to the button control so must pay attention to the open air blower, first opened after heater. After first pass heater, turn off the fan. This order we don't ever forget. 2, glass washing machine in the time to stop the motor must keep the speed regulator zero, or will be unnecessary trouble. 3 glass, glass washing machine feeding is regularity, must be put in the specified limit. 4, glass washing machine motor with a stop button, and can be used in emergency situations, usually don't touch. 5, glass cleaning machine, when the glass thickness changes must adjust the wind blade height, or can cause unnecessary damage accidents. 6, glass cleaning machine water when the water level control in 200 - Between 250 mm and not high, low adding water. The above is the use of glass cleaner should be the matters needing attention, hope to help everyone again.
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