Structural adjustment of glass machinery industry in glass machinery factory

by:Enkong     2022-01-06

This year, our country will continue to steadily increase and adjust the structure. In this general environment, it is necessary for the glass machinery industry to adjust the existing industrial structure and make efforts on the high-end on the basis of the existing mid-end effects. The competition pressure on foreign glass machinery equipment and joint venture glass machinery equipment to squeeze the domestic glass machinery market, on the other hand, we must increase the research and development of glass machinery, squeeze into the high-end market, and get rid of the severe situation.

In terms of research and development efforts, we implement innovation development strategies based on our country’s existing special support, with the company as the theme, and innovation as the driving force. As the glass edging machine is a large investment, it is effective The slow industry cannot achieve long-term development only by the company itself. It requires multiple companies to participate in the research and development of common skills. At the same time, the introduction of scientific research institutions to participate in the implementation of public-private partnerships to promote research and development, our country needs to increase investment in basic research and research and development Strengthen talent training.

This year, our country's CNC glass edging machine will be developed steadily on the basis of last year. It is expected that the output value of CNC glass glass edging machine will increase slightly. Imports need to be large as usual, but we need to be more inclined to high-end glass Machinery and equipment, and mid-range glass machinery and equipment will also be added after the implementation of localized services abroad.

With the increase in the amount of equipment required by the glass processing industry, our country's CNC glass edging machine has also been rapidly developed. Series breakthrough. However, in terms of accuracy and reliability, compared with foreign CNC glass edging machines, there is still a gap. The types and production capacity of CNC glass edging machines directly reflect the national industrial strength, while our country’s CNC glass edging machines lag behind In Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries, the domestically-made CNC glass edging machines are basically low-grade economical and mid-range popular CNC glass edging machines.

Among the glass machinery and equipment of the former CNC glass glass edging machine, our national company has a certain strength in the low-end glass machinery equipment, but the advanced CNC glass glass edging machine is still short, while the advanced CNC glass edging machine The machine is necessary equipment for the processing of cars, construction and industrial glass. Although our country has implemented a high-level CNC glass edging machine and the basic production equipment technology serious special project, and plans for the high-level CNC glass edging required in the four major categories. Eighty percent of the basic production equipment of the machine is completed in China, but as long as the large-scale high-efficiency CNC automatic production line of the glass edging machine is successfully commercialized, the main key components and the PLC CNC system need to continue to do their best.

At the same time, as the recent research of Enkong shows, the benefits of improved productivity and firm performance can make implementing basic management practices worth it.
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