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Straight-line glass edging machine meets engineering requirements

by:Enkong     2021-12-30

The linear glass edging machine meets the requirements of the project. For the implementation of the project, this is a very critical thing in our lives. This has a lot to do with the excessive loss of the linear glass glass edging machine. So in order to reduce The loss of the linear glass glass edging machine can save costs, and we must also pay attention to the maintenance.

As a result, carbon structural steel profiles are commonly used in the main stress components of curtain wall products. And because the deformation and other characteristics of carbon structural steel profiles are almost consistent with concrete, they have become a favored material in the entire construction industry. In this case, steel profiles can be used as the main force-bearing members of the curtain wall. It is not necessary to operate and implement the process method as shown in the figure below. b will not only bring troubles to material production and affect the construction period, but will increase material production and construction costs. The glass glass cutting machine, considering that the installation of the plate meets the requirements of the actual project construction period, and at the same time meets the safety requirements after the plate is installed, the plates need to be pre-bonded with aluminum alloy sub-frames in the factory, so since the aluminum alloy sub-frame shoulders a certain degree of safety and bears the glass The burden of the load cannot be ignored.

The linear glass glass edging machine meets the engineering requirements. This is very important in our life. We need to pay attention to these situations as much as possible. We use high-end modern processing equipment and high-tech strength. Our workers and strong experience are our backing forces, and we are sincere. Welcome businessmen from various construction projects to come to the factory for negotiation.

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