Stopper Positioning Mechanism of Glass Cutting Machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-28

The positioning of the block of the glass glass cutting machine includes the rail beam, the cylinder, the connecting rod, the transmission shaft and the limiter. The piston rod of the cylinder is hinged with one end of the connecting rod, and the other end of the connecting rod is fixedly connected with the transmission shaft. The bottom end of the body is hinged on the guide rail beam, and the transmission shaft is rotatably installed on the guide rail beam. There are rack and pinion meshing with gears.

The sliding groove slider mechanism is composed of a sliding groove and a sliding block. The sliding block is slidably installed in the shrinking groove on one side of the sliding groove, and the stopper is connected to the sliding groove. Or on the slider, the sliding groove or the slider without connecting block is fixed on the rail beam.

The undercut groove is a dovetail groove, the beneficial effect of the utility model is that the structure is simple, the accurate positioning of the glass can be realized, the transmission power of the rack and pinion is large, the transmission is stable, and the glass can be ejected without air flotation, No air flotation system cost required.

In the working state, the compressed air pushes the piston rod of the damper to expand and contract, the connecting rod drives the transmission shaft to rotate, and the transmission shaft drives the gear fixed on it to rotate, thereby driving the gear fixed on the block to move the teeth. The bar moves to realize the movement of the stopper and complete the positioning of the glass.

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