Some cutting techniques of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-02

The so-called glass glass cutting machine is actually processing some glass, which requires a series of processing such as grinding, cutting and drilling on the original glass.

Then there are the following major technologies for glass cutting machines.

1. Mechanical cutting glass: When the glass knife is used to cut relatively thin glass, we use diamond to cut some ordinary glass. For diamond cutting, we are also widely used in ceramics, crystals, etc.

2. Flame cutting glass: Fusing cutting is to use other heat sources to determine the place to be cut, and then partially cut. This method is applied to just being made.

3. Automatic glass cutting machine: It can cut many shapes of glass, similar to oval, square, polygon, etc.

4. Water jet: It is kinematics and uses high pressure to cut.

In fact, in our lives, such as tempered glass, and some processed glass, it is more convenient to process after washing. In fact, the cold processing of glass is to make the processed product into a process that meets the requirements by some means at normal temperature.

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