Solution to the edge collapse of the glass edging machine of glass machinery

by:Enkong     2022-01-07

Whether the glass edging wheel has a straight edge or a straight-edged irregular edge will often encounter the phenomenon of edge chipping, which may be related to the quality of the machine or the improper operation of the staff. As long as we carefully and patiently investigate, we can quickly correct it.

1. First, first check whether the direction of your grinding wheel is positive or negative. If it is reverse, exchange the three items for two items. If it is a newly installed wheel, put the glass in the machine and grind it several times. , But fortunately, see if your wheels are not tightened, see if your wheels are on the water, and see if your sweeping wheels are not properly adjusted. Normally, it is the 8th wheel.

Two , The speed is too fast, the fine edging is generally 2-3mm/min.

Third, the quality of the glass glass edging machine grinding wheel is too poor, so don’t be greedy and suffer a big loss

Fourth, the amount of glass left is too large

5. The clamping belt is not clamped

Six, the amount of the grinding wheel is too large

Seven, the motor is fixed The seat is loose

8. The grinding wheel is not locked

9. The grinding wheel is not installed properly

The above problems can be easily found by ordinary workers. If the staff cannot operate, they have to find a glass machinery manufacturer to do after-sales service

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