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Smart glass cutter why attention by all of us

by:Enkong     2020-12-31
At present, the use of glass cutting machine usually includes base, workbench, beams, guide rail, tool rest, cutter, power plant, such as beam installed in the workbench with a slide rail, complete glass longitudinal cutting, tool post setting in the crossbar with a guide rail, to complete the level of the glass cutting, glass cutting work so easily done. Smart glass cutting machine including cutting machine base, the base is equipped with the workbench, the workbench is equipped with longitudinal beams, beam with horizontal direction installation, before installing a box with the knife, knife box upside sets motor, knife box bottom is equipped with cutter. Cutting knife is perpendicular to the workbench to decorate, whose character is: the beam profile has a set of stator, the stator for N pole at one end, on the other side for the S pole, end-to-end decorate, beam is equipped with guide rail, up and down side beams upper equipped with magnetic feet, in contrast with the stator installation on the inner surface of equipped with shifter, described in the actuator with the stator, when electricity using magnetic drive installed along the beam lateral movement. In installation also connected on the inner surface of a sensing probe, sensing probe and magnetic feet together, through the external controller measuring tool movement distance, the outside is equipped with a set of pulley on both ends of the beam, pulley and belt drive pulley.
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