Several forms of glass forming

by:Enkong     2021-04-25
How did glassware change from liquid glass to the glass products we see every day? Mainly through several methods: 1. Centrifugal molding: The material is received in the rotating mold, and the centrifugal force generated by the rotation causes the glass to unfold and close to the mold, and then take it out after setting the mold. It is suitable for forming large glassware with uniform walls. 2. Blow molding: It includes manual and mechanical blow molding. During manual molding, take an appropriate amount of glass solution with a hand-held blow tube and blow it into an iron or wooden mold. Mechanical blow molding is used to blow large quantities of products. After receiving the material, the blowing machine automatically closes the iron mold and blows it into a vessel shape. After demolding, remove the cap to form a vessel. 3. Compression molding: During manual molding, manually pick up the material and cut it into the iron mold, drive the punch, press it into a shape, and release the mold after setting the mold. Mechanical molding is automated production, with large batches and high efficiency. It mainly produces large and small products. 4. Free forming: No model is needed, only special tools, such as pliers, scissors, tweezers, clip splints, sample molds, etc., are used to directly make glass liquid into products.
The performance of glass mechanical glass edging machine continues to improve
In the application of glass edging machine, in order to improve its performance, its technology is continuously improved. For some ordinary glass washing machines, it still has a certain user group, its production time is long, and its users are extensive. Ordinary glass washing machines are cheaper than some new models, and have a higher recyclability. The mature production of structural components mainly includes reducers, cranks, motors, connecting rod spindles, connecting rods, pendulum rods, and disk brush boxes. Generally, the reducer is powered by a motor and the output end of the reducer is connected to the crank through the main shaft of the connecting rod; the crank is also connected to one end of the connecting rod, and the other end of the connecting rod is connected to one end of the pendulum rod. The other end is fixed on the disc brush box. In use, it is worth noting that the glass washing machine is operated by buttons, so pay attention to turn on the blower first, and then turn on the heater. Turn off the heater first, then turn off the blower. The order of operations cannot be changed. When the machine stops, the speed regulator should be reset to zero to avoid unnecessary trouble.
The use and installation of glass machine is compared with most other systems for managing the glass processing machines effectively and no doubt glass machine have won the race so many times.
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