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Safe operation of glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-02

Before using the glass edging machine, we all need to process the glass edging machine, and the processing step is to grind the glass edging machine. We understand After its usefulness, how do we operate it?

Safety rules and precautions for glass glass edging machine:

1), wear anti-smashing shoes before work , PVC gloves, aprons, disposable masks and other labor insurance;

2), the equipment needs to be routinely tested before glass edging;

3), please confirm before working Whether the thickness of the processed glass is consistent with the clamping thickness;

4) When the glass is conveyed and edging, pay attention to the safety of the arm and the risk of getting involved;

5), keep the splint conveying transmission part lubricated , Gears, skateboards and rotating parts need to be refueled regularly;

6) When the glass glass edging machine is working, prevent the water tank from leaking, causing accidents such as motor short-circuit or personal electric shock;

7) , Keep the job site neatly placed, and the safe passage is unblocked.

The above are the safe operation rules of the glass edging machine, I hope the above content can help everyone!

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