Outstanding features of glass special-shaped cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-23
Glass special-shaped glass cutting machine is suitable for cutting various types of glass such as photoelectric glass, LCD, optical window, substrate, handicraft glass, optical glass, lens, mobile phone glass, mobile phone touch screen, liquid crystal display, amorphous silicon thin film cell. 1. High-precision guide rail and ball screw drive and special cutter head design. 2. The operation interface is simple, easy to understand, friendly operation prompt function, fault diagnosis display function. 3. Rectangular glass cutting is directly input and generated in this machine; special-shaped and circular cutting are drawn by AutoCAD (genuine), and then imported into this machine, the whole operation process is convenient and fast. 4. The safety performance is high. The working table and the working tool post are respectively equipped with front and back and left and right stroke limit switches. In addition, there is also a soft limit travel limit in the computer system, which prevents accidental collision between the tool holder and the table, and has a double insurance function.
How to clean and silver glass
Glass cleaning: 1. After cutting the glass according to the specifications, first rinse the front and back sides with tap water. 2. Coat the iron red powder with water on the side to be plated, wipe off the iron red powder after it dries, and rinse with water. 3. Use a small amount of tin chloride solution to scrub the surface of the glass to be plated, and rinse off the remaining stannous chloride with water after washing. 4. Finally, rinse the glass with distilled water. Silver plating: 1. Place the cleaned glass flat on a horizontal wooden frame or wooden strip, take one part of silver solution and one part of reducing solution, stir and pour it on. 2. The liquid medicine should not flow out. About 2 deciliters per square meter. 3. Wait for it to gradually reflect the silver mirror on the glass, pour out the excess liquid medicine, rinse with water, and pour ten thousandths of gelatin to dry. 4. After drying, apply a layer of iron red primer or other anti-rust paint on it to become a mirror.
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