On the importance of after-sales service of ceramic cutting machine manufacturers

by:Enkong     2021-04-22

The after-sales service of the ceramic glass cutting machine can be summed up in two aspects: one is after-sales use guidance and return visits; the other is problem handling and answering questions. Specifically, after-sales service mainly includes the following services:

Help consumers install and debug products; provide technical guidance on use and other aspects according to consumer requirements; ensure the supply of repair parts: responsible for repairs Service; implement the 'three guarantees' for products, that is, repair, replacement, and return (many people think that product after-sales service is 'three guaranteesConsultation. At the same time, it collects consumers' opinions on product quality in various ways and makes timely improvements according to the situation. In today's fiercely competitive market, after-sales service has become an important factor in attracting customers and consumers. To some extent, after-sales service is even more decisive than the product. Therefore, doing a good job in after-sales service, comprehensively improving the quality of their services, and relying on services to win customers and expand product sales are particularly important in product marketing. So what is the importance of after-sales service for ceramic cutting machines? The following three points are summarized:

First, after-sales service is the sharpness of enterprises participating in market competition under buyer’s market conditions Sharp weapon

With the rapid development of science and technology, almost all industries have overproduction capacity: from the automotive industry to the chemical industry, from food manufacturing to the production of consumer goods, from the communications industry to the computer network industry, Any company faces many strong competitors. For mature products, they are also very close in terms of function and quality. The difference in quality itself is getting smaller and smaller. The price war has exhausted many companies. The differences in style, packaging, brand, after-sales service and other aspects have become the company's establishment of market position. And a sharp weapon to gain a competitive advantage.

Second, after-sales service is the line of defense to protect the rights and interests of users

To provide users with economical, practical, safe and reliable high-quality ceramic cutting machines is a prerequisite for the survival and development of enterprises. Although the development of science and technology has made the quality of products higher and higher, there is currently no good way to be foolproof. Various problems may occur due to improper use by users and unstable voltage. More and more companies, including good companies, cannot guarantee that mistakes and customer complaints will never occur. Therefore, after-sales service measures such as effective handling of customer complaints and timely remediation of errors have become effective ways to protect consumers' rights and interests.

3. After-sales service is to maintain user satisfaction and loyalty.

Users’ pursuit of product benefits includes functional and non-functional aspects. The former reflects more The material needs of customers are more reflected in their spiritual and emotional needs, such as a relaxed and elegant environment, a harmonious and perfect process, and timely and thoughtful service. With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's income level, users pay more and more attention to the non-functional benefits of products, and in many cases even surpass the focus on functional benefits.

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