Matters needing attention when using glass beveling machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-08
Glass beveling machine is one of the earliest and largest amount of mechanical equipment in glass deep processing equipment. The main function is to smooth the glass and make some special shapes. The correct and reasonable use of the glass edging machine can not only ensure the normal production, but also prolong the life of the machine. When we choose, we must have some main items. The following mainly introduces the selection requirements of diagonal positioning device, gear box, support frame, conveying rail and rail beam, grinding wheel and motor slide plate.

The first point of the glass beveling machine is the diagonal positioning device.

The cylinder of the diagonal positioning device should be strong enough, the brand name should be reliable, and the structure should be reasonable and easy to adjust. Otherwise, the service life is short, the adjustment is difficult, and the positioning is inaccurate.

Glass beveling machine needs the second main point when in use: gear box.

The glass beveling machine needs the main thing when in use 1. The gear box must have sufficient thickness. Because the timing belt wheel is installed on the gear box, there is not enough thickness. The timing belt wheel is easily deformed by the pulling force of the timing belt under long-term working conditions. Once the gear box is deformed, it will cause the bevel gear to have poor contact; premature wear , It will lead to premature damage to the bearing, which will make the whole machine run poorly or even fail to work.  The glass beveling machine needs the main 2. The gearbox is mostly bevel gear (bevel gear) transmission. The force on the gear is axial, radial and normal in three directions. Some manufacturers use a deep groove ball bearing to save costs, which is extremely wrong. Because deep groove ball bearings can only withstand radial forces, if this type of bearing is used, it will cause premature wear of the bearing, increase in clearance, unstable gear transmission, and increase in noise, making it impossible to work. The correct design is to use a pair of tapered roller bearings, so that the design is reasonable. The glass beveling machine needs the main (3) support frame when in use.

The entire weight of the moving box is transferred to the linear slider by the support frame, and the linear slider must be stable during operation. The support frame used by many manufacturers is a unilateral support frame. Such a support frame will subject the linear slider to unilateral pressure, causing it to tilt, unilateral wear of the ball path, reduced opening and closing accuracy, serious ball falling, card issuing, and even The slider is broken. The correct design is that the support frame is a bilateral support. This design bears reasonable force, the slider will not tilt, the opening and closing is stable, and the service life is greatly improved. Customers must pay attention to this when purchasing the machine. The glass beveling machine needs the main (4) conveying guide rail and guide rail beam when in use. 1. Conveyor guide rails and guide rail beams are very important parts of the glass edging machine. When purchasing, you must ask the manufacturer what material to choose for the conveying guide and where to buy. Poor materials or substitute substitutes will lead to premature wear, which will directly cause the ground glass to fail to meet the quality requirements or even be unable to be processed; at the same time, it depends on whether the plane of the conveying guide is straight, whether there is warping, damage, etc. . 2. The guide rail beam depends on whether the supporting point with the box body is designed reasonably. If it is unreasonable, the rail beam will bend, and it will also cause the rail to bend. The curved guide rail beams will be severely bent when opening and closing, and even the drive shaft will not work when it is pulled out, which increases the difficulty of replacement and maintenance. The fifth point of the glass beveling machine is the grinding wheel. When purchasing equipment, you must understand the source, brand and configuration of the grinding wheel. The stability and high quality of equipment processing cannot be concealed solely by imported high-configuration, high-priced grinding wheels, and domestic grinding wheels must be used.

The glass beveling machine needs the main sixth point motor slide plate when in use. The motor slide plate cannot swing left and right, and back and forth. It must be easy to move and not swing, otherwise it will cause the motor to swing and the glass will be ground and cannot be processed. At the same time, the skateboard must have enough thickness and width, so that the rigidity is good.

Nowadays, the adoption of glass machine in glass processing machines industry is quite common.
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