Maintenance and maintenance of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-09

To maintain and maintain the glass cutting force, you must first understand the structure and characteristics of the glass cutting machine.

The structure of the glass cutting machine:

The glass cutting machine includes an air-floating sheet-feeding table arranged end to end, and a double bridge overpass cutting table. As an improvement, the double bridge overpass cut table is placed between the first straight beam and the second straight beam at the length direction of the upper frame and the third straight beam and the fourth straight beam at the length direction of the lower frame. Equipped with a glass conveying mechanism including a rotating shaft, a number of conveying wheels, a motor, and a belt.

The air-floating film feeding table is equipped with a proximity switch connected to the power control circuit of the motor at the end of the length direction of the table to control the opening and closing of the motor. The upper end of the proximity switch is slightly lower than the mesa.

As a further improvement, the double bridge overpass cutting table is equipped with two vertical rolling components that block the glass on the first straight beam and the second straight beam, and four rolling The components are arranged in a rectangular shape. In addition, it also has a manual breaking table, and the double bridge overpass cutting table and manual breaking table are arranged end to end.

Main points of machine maintenance:

1. Before cutting, fill the fuel tank on the beam of the cutting table with clean kerosene or cutting aid, and then adjust the corresponding angle cutting on the fuel tank to make the knife box The linoleum is filled with kerosene or cutting aids.

2. The sliding shaft under the vertical and horizontal beams should be properly cleaned, protected and maintained before and after use.

3. Push the longitudinal beams when working; after returning to the position, push the beams to prevent collisions with each other.

4. After cutting the glass, clean the tabletop in time and wipe the equipment.

5. Do not stack heavy objects, dripping water, oil and other liquids on the desktop to prevent deformation of the desktop.

When using the glass cutting machine, the maintenance and maintenance of the machine must be done, and the maintenance plan can be formulated regularly to extend the service life of the glass cutting machine.

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