Introduction to the installation of the glass cutting machine Angle and viewing Angle

by:Enkong     2020-12-28
Under the glass cutting machine is specialized in glass processing and material of a kind of processing machinery, glass cutting machine including fore and aft permutation gas floating platform, build the overpass type cutting table. When we were in the use of glass cutting machine to check in advance to prepare to cut glass, for the appearance of the glass we cannot have the appearance of white dots and scratches, after the basic conditions of qualified, we can carry on the batch production, and to measure the relation depends on the front to measure the object, when necessary need to do full inspection, when lifted the glass to ensure glass itself has no crack, avoid since when lifting automatic glass cracked. Adjust the installation Angle and viewing Angle of toughened glass in a certain extent, can avoid the rainbow visual impact. Toughened glass spot the emergence of the rainbow and glass installation Angle and viewing Angle has a lot to do, we can see toughened rainbow spot, is due to the polarization happened to visible light through the glass. The light reflected from the surface of the glass in a certain way, there are part of the polarized light and also the refraction of light through glass also has the part of the polarization, when the incident Angle of light tangent value equals the refractive index glass reflection polarization reaches maximum value. Colorless transparent glass ( Glass cutting machine) The refractive index of 1. 5, the light to 56 ° Angle from the glass surface is almost all the light reflected into polarized light, the reflectivity of 4% on the surface of the glass, we can see the reflected light from two surface reflection of the reflectivity of 4% each. The inner surface of the light to the Windows and doors curtain wall, because the reflected light through the stress of the glass, the spectral and intervene with the reflection of the surface outside Windows and doors curtain wall creates a colored speckles, therefore, in the Angle of incidence of 56 ° rainbow stripes is most obvious when the watch glass, glass cutting machine, due to the reflective surface more or more polarized light, and to have the same stress nonuniformity of toughened glass, we see the rainbow will appear more serious.
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