Glass washing machine installed cardan shaft to change performance

by:Enkong     2021-04-27

It is revolutionary to install a universal shaft in the glass washing machine. It can change the traditional history that only one can enter the other. With its universal shaft, the glass edging machine can clean the same piece of glass by pressing the button to clean it again for the second time. Let us understand the nature of the universal joint shaft: the structure and function of the universal joint shaft is a bit like the joints on the limbs of the human body. It allows the angle between the connected parts to vary within a certain range. In order to meet the power transmission, adapt to the angle change caused by the up and down jumps generated by the steering and the running of the car, the drive axle of the front drive car, the half shaft and the wheel axle are commonly connected by universal joints. However, due to the limitation of the axial size, the required deflection angle is relatively large. A single universal joint cannot make the instantaneous angular velocities of the output shaft and the shaft input shaft equal, which is likely to cause vibration, aggravate the damage of the mechanical parts, and generate a lot of noise. Therefore, a wide variety of constant velocity universal joints are widely used. In front-drive vehicles, each half shaft uses two constant velocity universal joints. The universal joint near the transaxle is the inner universal joint of the half shaft, and the outer universal joint of the half shaft is near the axle. In a rear-drive car, the engine, clutch, and transmission are installed on the frame as a whole, and the drive axle is connected to the frame through an elastic suspension. There is a distance between the two and needs to be connected. During the operation of the car, uneven road surface bounces, load changes or the position difference between the two assembly installations, etc., will cause the angle and distance between the transmission output shaft and the input shaft of the drive axle final reducer to change, so driving the car behind The universal joint transmission form adopts double universal joints, that is, there is a universal joint at each end of the transmission shaft. Its function is to make the angle between the two ends of the transmission shaft equal, and to ensure that the instantaneous angular velocity of the output shaft and the shaft input shaft are always equal.
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