Glass two working mode and characteristics of laser cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-06-04
Glass has two work modes: laser cutting machine laser cutting and laser engraving. And each working mode, there are some differences in the process of operation. 1 main on surfaces, laser engraving, can be divided into the bitmap and vector engraving: 2, bitmap carving we first need to network graphic engraving processing in PHOTOSHOP translates into monochrome BMP format, then in the special laser engraving cutting software open graphics files. According to the processing of materials we can set the appropriate parameters, and then click run, laser engraving machine will according to the graphics file lattice to engraving effect. 3, vector carved use vector software such as Coreldraw, AutoCad layout design, graphical output to PLT, DXF, AI format, marking machine, then use a special laser cutting engraving software open a graphics file, transfer to the laser cutting machine for processing. 4, laser cutting, we can put it as the edge of a form of separation. To complete this processing, we should first make graphics vector in the form of graphic design, AUTOCAD, pneumatic marking machine, and then save the corresponding PLT, DXF format, and laser cutting machine operating software to open the file, according to our material handling of energy and speed and other parameters setting can be run. Laser cutting machine after receiving computer instruction, according to the software automatically cut generated graphics data. Such as: the existing jinyun laser cutting machine, can according to the computer to draw a good template, and then directly input computer, automatic cutting pattern. The existing jinyun laser cutting machine generally have their own hard disk, can enter a large number of data sources. Simple and convenient.
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