Glass machinery small glass screen printing machine basic maintenance of knowledge

by:Enkong     2021-05-28
Glass screen printing machine are more common in our life, screen printers use after a long time also can appear many problems, in order to guarantee the normal operation of printing press, and daily maintenance and maintenance is very important. Gw screen printing will explain for everybody below a few action at home can maintenance tips to screen printing machine, so never leave home, you can also do a screen printer experts! Small knowledge, strengthening the important parts of machine maintenance. Gear, CAM, sprocket, roller and bearings is the most important printing machine parts, on the printing machine for their maintenance is different from the other parts, because of their accuracy change will impact the final print quality. Spring is on the machine used for force balance mechanism of most components, their work is good or bad directly determine the precision level of mutual coordination of the moving parts, elastic, you must be sensitive and anelastic and cannot restore after the plastic deformation of spring work is extremely unfavorable. If found the above problem to be replaced immediately spring little impact in the process of knowledge 2, machine. Impact yue xiaoyue is advantageous to the printing machine process, but also can prolong the service life of machine. Reduce printing pressure is an important condition for the smooth operation of machine, on the premise of guarantee the quality of printing quality, printing pressure as small as possible. Reduce the machine speed is to reduce the moment of inertia of a machine and an important condition, the lower the speed of the machine, the smaller is the moment of inertia, so you can't make the machine always turn high-speed operation. Three small knowledge, machine readiness test. Readiness of the machine, by moving or turning to test. Such as tools and other objects card in the machine. Plate installation location whether appropriate, if not suitable can make plate damage or bring great difficulty to find the rules; Install rubber cloth whether appropriate, if not suitable, may cause printing failures, serious when can make rubber cloth or machine damage.
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