Glass machinery factory about glass machinery repair process

by:Enkong     2021-03-17
Failure of glass machinery parts and most equipment can be repaired. In the overhaul work reasonable use repair technology, is of great significance. Generally speaking, than the new repair parts to the economy, can reduce spare parts reserve, reduce replacement parts manufacturing, save resources and costs, reduce breakdown maintenance when idle. Repair process equipment needed for the general cost is not big, most companies can afford it, so the enterprise maintenance department should be equipped with a certain technology and equipment, develop their own repair technology, combined with the use of socialization, specialization of equipment maintenance enterprises technical expertise, will receive a very good technical and economic effect. Repair process a lot of more phyletic, the commonly used methods are scraping lapping, grinding, mechanical repair method, plastic deformation, spray plating, welding, viscosity, etc. Selecting repair process basically should consider the following factors: (1) the applicability of the material of parts. (2) to repair the layer thickness. (3) effect on the performance of physical parts. (4) the influence of the strength of parts. (5) impact on the precision of parts. 6. Some repair process by parts of the structure of the limit. In recent years, electroplating, painting, welding, viscosity and so on has made great development, technology is widely used in equipment maintenance, greatly improving the parts repairing technical level and scope of application.
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