Glass machine maintenance measures

by:Enkong     2020-12-23
Glass machine by environmental temperature, dust, vibration, internals aging, the influence of such factors as in the process of equipment operation could be some potential problems. Long-term stability in order to make the equipment is used, it is necessary for equipment for routine and regular maintenance. The following is a mechanical teach you how to maintain the glass machine parts: one internal maintenance, electrical box 1. Under normal circumstances should shut down the electrical box; 2. Keep the electric box clean; 3. Electric box without water; 4. Check electrical box once a month, pull the plug, check whether the wire in the cabinet is loose, check whether the element is loose, and tighten in a timely manner. 2 maintenance, vacuum pump, vacuum pump maintenance should be used according to the situation for the following: 1) Regular inspection and maintenance: whether there is abnormal sound when vacuum pump work? Whether the work vibration; 2) Check the oil level of vacuum pump, oil level low. Come on, please send the pump vacuum pump oil filling. 3) Based on site usage check true air line, such as found in using the vacuum absorption time is long; Vacuum pump should be replaced once a year. Three other maintenance 1), the upper plate Turning arm bearing on both ends, to walk on both ends of the driving wheel bearings, rod on both ends of the driving wheel bearings, activity, universal wheel, directional wheel and related movement part each add butter at a time and a half months; 2) After use, wash once a day a blanket; 3) Once every six months to replace the remote control battery; 4) Thermal relay reset button once every two months. 5) Once every six months to check electric control box terminal ( Remember to close the main power supply) ; 6) Equipment in use process, such as reducing air floating effect, can be adjusted according to the height of mesa of total; 7) Sucker groove like found impurities such as glass, should be cleaned immediately; 8) The steering arm four connecting rod locking sleeve once every 3 months review, prevent loose; 9) Regularly check the hole on the desk is blocked;
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