Glass cutting machine repair technology to do?

by:Enkong     2020-12-27
Glass cutting machine with cutting range, cutting speed, high efficiency, etc. But there are a lot of cutting medium thickness plate groove defect, so is only used for cutting thin plate. Glass cutting machine with cutting speed, precision and cutting quality is good wait for a characteristic. High cost and the localization of the lag is the bottleneck restricting the development of glass cutting machine. So glass cutting machine repair technology to do? By the shenzhen factory staff to introduce the below: first of all, according to the size of the glass above the scar above carries on the preliminary work, first of all to the air pumped out the scars, only in this way can guarantee the repair work is not affected, and in order to better guarantee the quality of repair. But because the inside of the scar to make glass inside air is pumped in a vacuum state, glass cutting machine and to achieve a vacuum state will appear in the process of negative pressure condition, if not pay attention to the speed, is likely to reach the state of the negative pressure in a flash and lead to work can't be, so be careful when pumping air, slowly. This is also in order to better protect the inside of the glass structure is not affected. But often this process will need about ten minutes, so since this process is ok as long as pay attention to the glass. Glass repair technology of repair: when the air completely out of the wound after you can proceed to the next step of work, this link to do is wound into a liquid resin to repair, the repair liquid can the scar of a certain protection, repair, beauty effect, but should pay attention to when injection repairing liquid can't be too hard, also cannot too try so hard, so as to avoid damage condition. If glass have a larger scars will note that you can right amount add certain liquid resin to repair, so can have better effect. Glass cutting machine repair technology of the follow-up work, such as liquid resin repair note after scar will have certain to improve, if in order to beautiful and can try to wipe again on glass on a layer of beautification, protection of glass, so that it can better protect glass, also in order to avoid scar in secondary breakdown. The above glass cutting machine repair technology to do? Is introduced here
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