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Glass cutting machine put into use points to attention

by:Enkong     2020-12-26
Glass manufacturing has already become the traditional pillar industries of national economy and important civil production industry, is also a significant international competitive advantage of industry, it is in the prosperous market, expand exports, to absorb employment, increasing the income of peasants and play an important role, today small make up glass cutting machine in use will be introduced to focus point. Glass cutting machine is specially designed for flat glass cutting, the traditional glass cutting machine is usually fixed on the workbench, then through cutting knife cutting glass, glass cutting, glass should be separated from transportation down, this is not only a waste of time, and low efficiency, cutting glass will be scattered everywhere, later in the cleaning process will be very trouble. The utility model is characterized by including storage tank, storage tank and tank wall symmetry rectangular box body is linked together, the two rectangular box of symmetry in a straight line, the lower end of the two rectangular box open mouth, rectangular box opening connected to the storage tank. On both sides of each rectangular box body connection has two connecting rods and a pole, pole position have slide rest, sliding head connected to the parallel to the horizontal plane hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder telescopic rod wear, roller clearance between connected with knives.
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