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Glass cutting machine operation procedures and matters needing attention

by:Enkong     2021-03-30
Under the glass cutting machine is specialized in glass processing and material of a kind of processing machinery, including fore and aft permutation gas floating glass cutting machine to send piece, build the overpass type cutting table, Jane but below glass cutting machine operation procedures and matters needing attention are introduced. A, operation process: 1, the labor insurance supplies such as good wear gloves, protective glasses. 2, the vertical and horizontal to the tool adjustment to the specified size. 3, turn the power switch. 4, by moving to cut glass to two people at the specified location. 5, blowing button let glass float on the surface of the table and can move freely. After six, glass position, press the stop button, then the suction device glass firmly fixed in position to achieve the result of positioning. 7, when the cutting is finished, press the stop button, then press the air switch. 8 and finish cutting the whole piece of glass to distinguishes the piece table (translation Translation before blowing open distinguishes the table with motor) 。 More than 9, according to mark the relation into small pieces and feed on small pieces after cutting the stage 10, distinguishes the piece of glass neatly stacked according to the 100 PCS on a card in a splint. 11, with a feather sweep clean cutting machine and piece of table of glass of raw grain. Paragraphs 1, 2, repeat the third to the eleventh of note: 1, cutting to check shi before cutting the glass appearance cannot have white spots and scratched phenomenon. 2, the first after confirm qualified, to mass production must be confirmed before 3, lifted the glass to lifting the glass itself has no crack, avoid lifting the glass automatically separate phenomenon. 4, be sure to keep the material flat mesa clean machine operation staff wear glasses so as not to hurt the eyes to keep water cooling machine maintenance points: 1, before cutting cutting machine on clean fuel tank filled with kerosene or cut aid, adjusting tank on corresponding Angle cut again, make linoleum knife box filled with kerosene or help cut agent 2, slide under the vertical and horizontal beam axis to moderate machine with clean before, during, and after using preventive maintenance. 3, work to promote longitudinal beam; Place, and then promote the beam, to prevent collide each other. 4, after completion of cut glass, timely clean desktop, brush try 5 transparent membrane, or heavy objects on the desktop and drops of water oil liquid to prevent deformation of desktop
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