Glass cutting machine operation

by:Enkong     2021-05-10
Glass cutting machine is mainly used to spray on glass surface, in the process of cold working and spraying at room temperature, the small make up take you to get to know the glass cutting machine operation mode. Thousands of pieces of glass cutting board with the combination of lead frame inlay groove, need to draw a small plan according to the plan ', such as shape and proportion of each color mark, glass cutting and welding lead into mirror, fingerprint heating or cooling. Automatic glass cutting machine in glass layer of color and three dimensional relief image on the background of the formation of two or more than two relief effect, the cutting wheel is used for cutting, cutting a face, glass and other decoration, decoration, or bedding face line shape, color, and sometimes nested glass, special effects due to internal different colors. Automatic glass cutter grinding wheel rotation, water mixed with silicon carbide, glass polishing planer, peeling round roll, when its glass polishing big plane, the glue will enter the heating furnace, the characteristics of glass used, the surface brightness of the heating and melting glass will be bonded into gel, mixed media made of glass and other materials synthesis.
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