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Glass cutting machine on the powder to be clear in time

by:Enkong     2021-01-16
When remove residue after glass cutting machine work, must follow standard safety and reasonable operation. And because the cutting machine in running every day, so the maintenance of the machine is the most important. Always protect the machine axis lubrication, cutting machine work smoothly. This not only improve the efficiency of the cutting machine. It also can increase the production of the enterprise. And if the daily maintenance is proper, can make the extension of the service life of cutter to get enough, indirect saving the cost of enterprise. As time goes on, chuck, chuck and grinding chamber wall will be attached on the cutting dust. If not, delete the lens will be scratched. That will also wear clamping shaft sealing ring, make the head into the water. Directly with the brush and sprinkler to clean. Access to the machine cleaning mode for cleaning. This method can also be cleaning internal water supply pipe cutting machine. Washing powder on the tool because it can cleaning tool. The equipment vulnerable to environmental impact, but also according to the specific maintenance work related to the environment. Protective measures should be taken to better guarantee the use effect.
glass cutting machine is cutting through what way
dip a glass cutting machine for cutting glass, the first to use the shortcoming of discarding the traditional glass cutting machine cutting machine, what kind of method we use in glass cutting machine, here small make up to you about the glass cutting machine cutting way. The energy of the glass cutting machine to cut glass contactless way. The specified parts of the energy the workpiece heated to a predetermined temperature. After rapid heating process is rapid cooling process, inside the glass to create a vertical stress zone, no dust or no crack occurred in this stress zone cracks. Because cracks are caused by heat instead of mechanics, so can't find the fragments or micro cracks. Therefore, the intensity of the laser cutting edge than the traditional cutting and segmentation method. The demand for refined also reduce or eliminate. In addition, the transparent glass breakage is also the basic can be avoided. Above is small make up for you to explain the use of glass cutting machine in glass cutting way, if you don't understand the content of this article can directly lead to the us or leave a message, we will improve our own shortcomings, try to write a satisfactory article.
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