Glass cutting machine in the production of glass scratches

by:Enkong     2020-12-26
Glass cutting machine, as a people who know the glass industry, the machine is not surprising, but some of the glass cutting machine still don't understand, the small make up take you to get to know the machine in the production of glass scratch caused by factors. If glass scratch is caused by tempering process, we should from the following several aspects to carry on the analysis, to check whether there is foreign body driven roller card on ceramic roller, and examines the ceramic roller, look to whether have individual roll in the process of transmission is abnormal, with and without sliding phenomenon. When the glass into the furnace, and the watch glass furnace, if the oven door light sensor failure, in calculating the length of the glass will have error, at this moment, when the glass into the furnace, will hit the door, cause all transverse grooves on the surface of the glass, check cooling period of upper and lower air grille with glass, if there is a glass stuck on top and bottom air grille, easy to cause the glass surface scratch. The order of the site can be a transfer of the whole glass, also can use a crane or a forklift to move the whole frame, removable glass framework can also promote with the hand, to minimize glass mobile number.
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