Glass cutting machine how to maintain?

by:Enkong     2020-12-27
Glass cutting machine how to maintain? Along with the social progress continuously, get rapid development in the glass industry and glass cutting machine also has been widely used in various industries, due to long-term use of glass cutting machine, and it is also important to maintain, so glass cutting machine how to maintain? By dongguan factory staff to introduce the below: 1, glass cutting machine maintenance equipment for fully automatic glass cutting machine high strength work, good maintenance to keep the normal state of technology, and prolong the service life of the equipment must be carried out by the daily work, it is also one of the operator main responsibility at the same time. 2, the correct use of automatic glass cutting machine only in accordance with the instructions of the steps, can effectively guarantee the normal work, if you want to extend its service life and reduce the fault occurs, will read the instructions of how it works. 3, equipment maintenance work done can decrease the loss of shutdown and maintenance costs, reduce the cost of the products and ensure product quality, improve the production efficiency of glass cutting machine. General automatic glass cutting machine maintenance work is divided into two categories, daily maintenance and regular maintenance. 4 per shift, daily maintenance including maintenance and the maintenance of the two kinds of over the weekend, per shift maintenance requirements in each shift production staff must do/inspection on glass cutting machine parts, and in accordance with the provisions, add oil lubrication. Regulation of the tally project should be clearly recorded in the tally after check card, confirm that everything is all right to use the equipment. 5, glass cutting machine in the operation should be used strictly in accordance with the maintenance operation procedures correctly, observe its operation situation, the discovery of exception to timely treatment, the operator can't rule out the failure should also inform the mechanic maintenance, before coming off work to clean and wipe the device, and record the status of the glass cutting machine in succession the handing-over formalities on the book. Above the glass cutting machine how to maintain is introduced here, glass cutting machine maintenance work, only can find the problems existing in the internal inspection, inspection maintenance can effectively reduce the security hidden danger in the future.
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