Glass cutting machine cutting operation fluency

by:Enkong     2020-12-25
Glass cutting machine is a kind of can move freely according to the cutting size and cutting direction to complete automatic guided along the cutting machine, it is an industrial glass diamond cutting tools, the traditional glass cutting machine has a fixed part under the handle, the handle is installed on a fixed cutter blade or rotating cutting blade, straight or curved glass cutting. Glass cutting machine cutting long glass, the first preliminary cutting ruler on site, and then move along the straight edge cutter blade, finish cutting operations, such as no ruler, is in the feet on both ends of the cutting blade, and to measure the glass support section cutting length, and then move horizontally bent feet at both ends of the cutting. The traditional glass cutting machine is suitable for the cutting length shorter glass, but in the long glass cutting, due to the cutting blade can't very well, so can't accurately cut a straight line, move freely blade, according to the cutting size and automatic guided along the direction of the cutting line. This new type of glass cutting machine has the advantage of using mobile guide rail structure, can easily lead cutting components linear cutting glass, because the cutting components can be free to move along the support bar body, so you can cut the width of the glass.
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