Glass cutting machine and feeding system function briefly

by:Enkong     2020-12-28
Glass cutting machine and feeding system including guide beam, conveyor belt, support adjustment plate, eccentric shaft, eccentric shaft sleeve, ring, shaft, cylinder, guide groove with conveyor and guide beam, conveyor belt is set on the conveyor belt guide groove. Guide beam through support adjustment plate connected to the eccentric shaft sleeve, eccentric shaft sleeve is installed on the eccentric shaft, eccentric shaft is installed on the axis of rotation, the eccentric shaft collar on both sides, eccentric shaft sleeve is mounted on the shaft, to prevent the eccentric shaft and eccentric shaft sleeve. Guide beam, supporting the adjustment plate and the eccentric shaft sleeve form planar four bar linkage mechanism, putting cylinder output connection, push rod connecting rod, cylinder driven push rod, connecting rod drive shaft rotation, so as to realize the level of conveyor belt, cooperate with the conveyor belt motor driver to complete the automatic up-down material of glass. Eccentric shaft sleeve inner ring and eccentric shaft outer adopts sliding fit, guarantee the eccentric shaft can be rotated in the eccentric shaft sleeve, glass cutting machine has simple structure, novel design, convenient installation, driven by cylinder axis of rotation, the synchronization is good, easy to control, are ideal for automatic up-down material of glass.
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