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Glass beveling machine matters that should be paid attention to when using

by:Enkong     2021-03-24
Glass inclined glass edging machine is dosage of glass deep processing equipment of the earliest and largest one of the mechanical equipment. Main function is the smooth glass, and make some special shapes. Use edge grinding machine correctly and reasonably can not only ensure normal production, can also extend the life of the machine. When the choice must be our major some matters, the following mainly introduced about diagonal positioning device, gear box, supporting frame, conveying guide rail and guide beam, grinding wheel, and the choice of motor skateboard requirements. Glass beveling machine to use at the main point 1: diagonal positioning device. Diagonal cylinder positioning device to enough force, designer to reliable, at the same time, reasonable structure, easy to adjust. Otherwise, short service life, adjust, location is not allowed. Glass beveling machine to use at the main the second point: the gear box. Glass beveling machine to use at the main 1, gear box must have enough thickness. Because synchronous belt wheel is installed on the gear box, did not have enough thickness, synchronous belt wheel in the long-term work condition by synchronous belt tension is easy to cause the deformation of gear box, gear box, a variable form, will lead to bevel gear contact undesirable; Wear in advance, and can lead to premature bearing damage, so that the machine running is bad, can't even work.  Glass beveling machine to use at the main more than 2, gear box for the bevel gear ( Bevel gear) Transmission, the gear stress for axial, radial and the force method in three directions. Some manufacturers to save costs, with a deep groove ball bearings, this is extreme wrong. Because of deep groove ball bearings can only bear radial force, if use this kind of bearing, can lead to premature bearing wear, clearance increases, gear transmission is not smooth, noise increases, so that will not work. The correct design is using circular cone roller bearings in pairs, such ability for the reasonable design. Glass beveling machine used at the main ( 3) Racks. Move the whole weight of the box body is made by supporting frame is passed on to the linear slide block, linear slide block must be stable in operation. Many manufacturers use brace for unilateral support frame, the supporting frame can make linear slider is unilateral pressure force, make its tilt, ball road uneven wear, opening and closing lower precision, serious fell out of the ball, hairpin, even broken slider. Right is designed to support stands for bilateral support, so the design of the force is reasonable, the slider will not tilt, smooth opening and closing, service life is greatly improved, the client must pay attention to when upgrade here. Glass beveling machine used at the main ( 4) Conveying guide rail and guide beam. 1, conveying guide rail and guide beam edge grinding machine is a very important part, when the choose and buy must to manufacturers understand the guide to choose what kind of material, where to buy. Material is not good or take substitutes instead will result in the premature wear and tear, as a direct result of the ground glass can not meet the requirement of the quality, even will not be able to process; It remains to be seen whether conveying guide rail plane straight at the same time, whether there is a warp, as well as the damage phenomenon. 2, guide rail beam depends on whether reasonable design of supporting points with enclosure. Such as unreasonable, will guide beam bending, but also drive the guide curve. Bending of guide rail beam during opening and closing will also guide beam bent seriously, even will pull the shaft will not work, increase the difficulty that replacement of maintenance. Glass beveling machine needs in major # 5: when using the grinding wheel. When equipment of choose and buy, be sure to understand the source of the grinding wheel, brand and configuration. Equipment processing stability and high quality will not be able to rely on imported high configuration, high prices of the grinding wheel as cover, must use the domestic grinding wheel. Glass beveling machine to use at the first motor at six main board. The phenomenon is motor board can't have left and right sides, back and forth. Moves to ease, and can't swing, swing, otherwise it will cause motor glass edge grinding 磞 without processing. At the same time, the board should have enough thickness and width, such a rigid enough.
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