Glass beveling machine control of what is going on

by:Enkong     2021-03-21
Glass beveling machine control what is the situation, for the control of the things we need to know, so some of the related condition is what we need to understand, in order to help people better understand the problem of the control situation of glass beveling machine, our small make up to you to collect the questions about the control situation of the most commonly used glass beveling machine, below is our introduction, want to understand you don't miss it. In the role of zirconium products in glass, glass into zirconium products, mainly because of too much in the glass to replace glass cutting machine of Al2O3 may cause high temperature glass viscosity is too large, the glass is difficult to melt and clarification, Zr4 + belongs to network formed in the glass body, and form a cube [O ZrO3] The biggest characteristic of ligand, Zr can significantly increase the alkali resistance of glass and strain point temperature, decrease the expansion coefficient of glass. The role of strontium chloride in glass: strontium carbonate belong to divalent alkaline earth metal oxide, introduction of strontium carbonate is mainly make up for in the recipe formulation, the contents of potassium sodium glass caused by viscosity is too large, the oxide has the lower the viscosity of the glass, and reduce the strain point features, but these two kinds of oxide with lower the viscosity of the glass, and reduce the strain point feature. Sr2 + in element periodic table row behind the Ca2 +, magnesium 2 + and Sr2 + help fusibility than in Ca2 +, magnesium 2 +. Glass beveling machine control situation has its own unique method, which is more critical for our life, we are a wholesale, processing, production as one of the manufacturers, sales of low prices, more knowledge can focus on our website.
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