Glass beveling machine about what are the main classification

by:Enkong     2021-03-21
What are the main classification glass beveling machine tell? To choose glass beveling machine, first of all need to know the types and features of beveling machine, glass beveling machine mainly has the following categories: 1, single arm abnormity beveling machine ( Special-shaped glass machine or single arm machine) , both to straight edge grinding, can also be rounded edge, the duck mouth, can also be the hypotenuse grinding glass; Both to circular grinding workpiece, also can grind elliptic and the special-shaped workpiece. Put modeling on independent chuck, with special machine can grind some irregular shape of the workpiece. Its brief structure, making capital is relatively low, so the price is cheap, general MTK twenty thousand yuan can be bought. 2, straight-line beveling machine, glass straight line beveling machine there are three features: one is single use contrast, can only grinding all kinds of glass straight line edge; Second, continuous grinding, produce high power; Three is a bigger flat glass edge grinding machining dimension. Glass straight line beveling machine is each kind of beveling machine types, standards, most of the bevel edge machine, can according to the grinding straight edge is different, it can be divided into straight-line beveling machine, glass beveling machine three straight line, straight line. Above is we told you about the classification of glass beveling machine, hope that the above us about knowledge can help to you, if you need to purchase a friend can contact us timely!
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