Cutting Quality of Multilayer Laminated Glass Cutting Machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-10

Cutting glass is generally cut with a glass knife with a diamond blade. This cutting method is only suitable for cutting one piece of glass, but cannot be used for two or more pieces of laminated glass. With the emergence of bulletproof laminated glass, the first The question is how to cut. Next, the editor will take you to understand the cutting quality of the multi-layer composite glass cutting machine.

There is a cutting platform on the base of the multi-layer composite glass cutting machine, columns at both ends of the base, the beams are placed on the top of the two columns, the tool holder and its guide wheels and beams The guide rail is installed on the beam, and the cutting machine is connected to the bottom of the tool holder. The tool holder passes through a motor, a reducer, a driving sprocket, a guide sprocket, and two guide sprockets arranged on the other column. And a chain transmission mechanism, which is driven by the chain connected with the tool holder.

It can be seen from the structure of the present utility model that as long as the laminated glass is placed on the cutting platform, the cutting position is aligned with the diamond grinding wheel of the cutting machine, and then the glass cutting machine and the chain transmission mechanism are activated, the cutting can be done. Laminated glass, since the diamond grinding wheel cuts the laminated glass will not be affected by the interlayer, no matter how many layers of laminated glass there are, as long as the thickness can be cut within the cutting depth range of the diamond grinding wheel, the deficiencies of the existing technology can be solved.

The cutting platform of the cutting machine is set on the base, there are two columns on both sides of the base, the beam is fixed on the top of the two columns, the tool rest is guided by it, and the wheels and guide rails of the beam are arranged on the beam. .

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