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Automatic glass cutting machine use value

by:Enkong     2021-02-08
As a new glass production and processing technology of the automatic cutting machine, play an important role in the glass cutting. In today's automatic production lines, automatic equipment has replaced the traditional pure labor, machine gradually taking place of human Labour. Fully automatic glass cutting machine can replace the traditional glass cutter, more accurate and efficient. You in choosing a fully automatic glass cutting machine know what value it can bring for you? 1, save artificial cost can be reduced by more than 50%, without computing professional typesetting, greatly reduce the production cost. 2, save raw material cost optimization software new algorithm adopted abroad, optimization rate is high, the running speed, cut excess stock can be optimized utilization of scientific and reasonable cutting solution. 3, to save time cost of automatic cutting, maximum cutting speed of 100 m/min, can greatly improve the work efficiency, no sabotage phenomenon, is generally 3 - artificial efficiency 4 times. 4, saving the cost of training the intelligence operation, workers without professional training, can be sent to master the whole cutting process within 15 minutes. 5, saving the maintenance cost of a complete set of system, the modular degree is high, in addition to add lubricating oil and so on maintenance, no special maintenance. 6, promote the competitiveness of the enterprise products and high precision cutting, further to provide users with high quality products, in favor of the expand of customer market, is the symbol of enterprise strength. 7, reduce the special problems using professional glass cutting software, equipped with professional cutting, optimize typesetting system, simple operation, high machining accuracy, cutting speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. Rich abnormity gallery, accurate and fluent cutting, allows businesses to cut there is no problem. So in the same market price, the use of cutting machine can greatly save raw materials and artificial cost.
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