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Application scope and characteristics of shaped glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-23
Aliens, automatic glass cutting machine, the machine has a stable, high speed, high precision of superior function, can cut all kinds of special-shaped, circular and rectangular piece of glass, suitable for wall clock, mobile phone and flashing LCD screen and other professional glass cutting processing. CNC special-shaped automatic glass cutting machine, the operating interface is simple, and easy to understand, glass cutter friendly prompt operation function, fault diagnosis, flash utility; High precision guide rail and ball screw transmission and extra bit plan; Rectangular glass cutting directly on the machine input; Abnormity and circular cutting depend on AutoCAD drawing, then import the machine, the entire process is convenient and quick operation. High security features, bench work and rest has, at the mercy of travel limit switch before and after separation. In addition, the computer system and the soft limit limit, avoid the tool rest and mesa accidentally knock against, have double insurance effect; Proportional valves, can control precision cutting tools for glass pressure constant. Through computer cutting system, it can be for different thickness of the glass, not the same as cutting speed, the different shape of glass cutting, adapt to different cutter pressure, flash smaller cut out of the glass, glass cutting machine precision is higher, mainly is to process the work speed of the tool pressure of antagonism, under the knife speed and cutting tool to impact of glass. Aliens, automatic glass cutting machine is suitable for all kinds of optical glass, LCD, optical window, substrate, arts and crafts glass, optical glass, glasses, mobile phone, mobile phone touch screen, LCD blink glass apparatus type, amorphous silicon thin film cells, glass cutting.
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