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Analysis of processing points of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-31

Glass plates are used in many industries. In the production and processing of glass plates, glass cutting machines are often used. The equipment mainly cuts glass plates into various sizes required.

When the glass cutting machine is working, the glass plate to be cut is generally placed on the predetermined position of the workbench by hand, and then the cutting mechanism on the workbench is turned on to automatically cut the workbench. After cutting the glass plate into multiple glass blocks, manually remove the glass blocks from the workbench one by one.

The glass glass cutting machine includes: a worktable mounted on the chassis and having a plurality of grooves; a sliding plate connected to the side of the chassis in a horizontal sliding manner; a driving member sliding in a direction perpendicular to the grooves; The support seat on the sliding plate; the clamping table is provided with a support seat for rotating the clamping seat of the glass assembly out of the assembly.

After the glass plate is cut into a plurality of glass blocks on the worktable, the driving member can be opened to drive the sliding plate to slide to a predetermined position, and then the clamping assembly can be opened, so that the clamping assembly faces the worktable and clamps the upper The glass block transports the glass, and then the transfer assembly is turned on. The glass block on the workbench can be easily transferred out without manual labor, and the operator can easily transport the clamping components on the glass block.

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