Analysis of multifunctional characteristics of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-31

In the process of glass production, cutting glass is a very important process. At present, the efficiency of cutting glass is low, and the efficiency of manual glass cutting is also very low. Therefore, it is necessary to use special equipment. Next, the editor will take you to understand The versatile features of a glass glass cutting machine.

The multifunctional glass cutting machine includes a cutting box and a base, the base is equipped with a servo motor, and the base side is provided with a waste box, a base, a top runner, a runner on the conveyor, The outer surface of the cutting box is cut with an observation window, a numerical control system and a parameter input area, and a box body has a transverse cutting cutting axis, a vertical cutting axis, a rotating axis, and a cutting knife for a bottom rotating axis.

The width of conveyor belt 1 is greater than the width of conveyor belt 2, and the rotation range of the shaft is 0-360°. Okay.

This multifunctional glass glass cutting machine can be adjusted by the glass cutting size numerical control system, and can be realized by shaft and arc cutting, straight line cutting, bevel cutting, etc., such as manual glass plate replacement, conveyor belt conveying, etc. Machines, etc., the automatically cut waste can be recycled, reducing costs and manpower.

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