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After use, glass cutting machine how to cleaning

by:Enkong     2021-02-16
Automatic glass cutting machine in use, how to clean it, automatic glass cutting machine into the water tank, open the water tank, take out the water pump, remove the dirt from the water pump. Clean water tank, replace circulating water, the water tank, pump back will connect pipe inserted into the inlet of the pump, and the joint. Separate to pump electricity, 2 - operation 3 minutes ( The laser tube filled with circulating water) 。 A: the lens cleaning ( Recommended daily work before cleaning, equipment must be shut down) The author remind you: fully automatic glass cutting machine lens center to the edge of rotate to wipe. 3 lens and focus lens needs from the frame, in the same way to wipe. After wiping, can back to the original sample. 1. The lens glass cutting machine should be wiped gently, don't damage the surface coating ( Metal wood coating lens more durable) ; 2. Wipe gently, prevent fall; 3. Installing a focusing lens, to ensure that the concave downward. Guide rail cleaning ( Suggest cleaned once every half a month, stop operation) Guide rail, straight valve core, as one of the core parts of the equipment, its function is guiding and supporting role. In order to guarantee the accuracy of machine tools with high, guide rail, a higher accuracy of guide rail line and good processing quality, glass cutting machine guide, linear to conduct routine maintenance work.
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